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In our world of joined-up, connected consumers & shoppers, there’s a problem… the way we put together our marketing campaigns is disconnected & not joined-up.

Some of us tend to talk about consumer and brand marketing, with all that entails – focusing on audiences, TV ads, ‘social’, ‘digital’, OOH & the like, aiming to build brands & their equity over time.

Some of us tend to talk about shopper and trade marketing. It’s a world of promos, deals, in-store media, POS, eCommerce with a focus on shorter term sales.

It means when we come together we tend to have disconnected languages, objectives, datasets & measures of success.

It’s difficult therefore for brands & retailers to be as joined-up & as connected as their consumers & shoppers.

As a consequence, working out how to maximise marketing effects & the ROI of activities in-store, out-of-store, on & off-line is problematic.

By joining-up everything, collidascope reflects today’s necessities

CollidaScope solves this problem by connecting-up shopper, consumer, trade & brand measures of success.

Our approach ensures clients have the clearest guidance on the very best way to allocate their marketing budgets in-store, out-of-store, on & off-line.

It delivers a more accurate & effective marketing spend on shopper & consumer communications to maximise ROI.

We do it by ‘colliding’ shopper & consumer datasets

By understanding, interpreting & joining-up multiple data sources from trade & brand marketing disciplines, we unearth what really does influence the shopping of today’s shoppers & consumers. We then go on to establish the impact such influences have on incremental sales, purchasing behaviours & ROI.

Off & on-line sales & shopping behaviours

Attitudes, mindsets, lifestyles & stages, recall, sentiment, advocacy

Marketing communication exposure


Establishing a common measurement currency across all forms of communication & media

Using incremental sales generated and changes to shopping behaviours as a common currency, we can optimise the marketing mix across both trade & brand activity in & out of store, at home, on & off line. This alleviates the traditional reliance on inconsistent audience data, claimed attitudes & behaviours.

It provides a completely agnostic view of what communication & media works best both in the short & longer term.

As people’s shopping behaviours have become less habitual, their interaction with & consumption of communication & media less mass & predictable, CollidaTrak™, CollidaScope’s proprietary software reports on marketing mix performance on an on-going basis vs. pre-determined sales objectives, shopping behavioural KPIs & ROI.

Using CollidaTrack™ enables you to track & course-correct all kinds of marketing activity to ensure it’s as relevant as possible along complex communication & purchase journeys to maximise sales & ROI.

To find out more on how CollidaTrak™ works click here:

Our deliverables

Performance & ROI

Saves money &/or optimises existing marketing spend by working out the ROI & the impact on shopper & consumer acquistion, spend & loyalty of marketing activities


Isolates the best performing elements of campaigns by message, format, media & retail channel

Commercial objectives

Optimises the role & mix of marketing activities to achieve short & longer term commercial objectives


Provides completely agnostic recommendations by basing investment decisions on sales impact

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Who we are

It sounds obvious, but when we’re consumers & shoppers we don’t operate in the same marketing silos as when we’re in our day jobs. With this in mind, my instinct is always to join-up all the marketing & communication disciplines, looking at our output from how anyone else would see, hear, react or interact with it.

When it comes to my job it’s best therefore to focus on the consumer, shopper & commercial outcomes which are really important for clients’ businesses rather than be distracted by the seemingly unending jargon & metrics that surrounds so much of ‘big data’, ‘digital’, communication & media.

My experience has informed much of this thinking, working for major media agency networks, Carat and Initiative; & data science consultancies, Dunnhumby and Emnos . My expertise has come from working with some of the world’s leading retailers and brand owners. These include the likes of Carrefour, Kroger, Tesco & Walgreens; Danone, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Pepsico, RB & Unilever.

CollidaScope is part of the Ceuta Group of companies, the leading international outsource partner for building brands, selling, marketing & distributing them for client partners ranging from start-ups to large multi-nationals.

Lawrence Janes – Managing Director