We make our clients’ marketing communications more productive

We do it by finding out which of their activities work, and which don’t.
It means they know which ones to start, stop or continue in-store,
out-of-store, on or off-line.


…Consumer and shopper marketing sales effects, connecting together insight from trade and brand datasets to make for more productive communications.

We use sophisticated data analytics techniques to tell you how varied combinations of marketing messages generate incremental sales and changes to purchasing behaviours.

Whether your communication vehicle is a TV ad, a price promotion, a social media post or a coupon (or anything else!) we’ll work out which ones, singly and in combination, are most productive.


Consumer and shopper marketers, ex-clients, management consultants, media-types, data scientists and analysts.

We’ve worked a lot in FMCG, health and beauty, grocery, pharma, retail, QSR and many, many other consumer sectors and categories in multiple markets.


We’re part of Ceuta Group, the global brand services business. We have offices in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, US, Singapore and Thailand; working across over 100 international and national markets.

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Founded and led by Lawrence Janes, we’re inspired and focused by the belief that all marketing communication, whether in-store, out-of-store, on or off-line, should produce the consumer and shopper outcomes most useful and productive for clients’ businesses. We’d rather to do this than be distracted by the seemingly unending jargon and metrics surrounding ‘big data’, ‘digital’, communication and media.

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Driving business growth in the new normal

Even before most of the world entered the coronavirus lockdown, the 2010s will go down as the decade we began to reconnect with the world around us. But could that be about to change?



Should we give more thought to measuring packaging and repackaging success. Looking at it in a similar way and in combination with the rest of our marketing mix?


GENERALISING about generations

Too much generation generalisation and short-hand generational framing runs the risk that you might miss out on an awful lot of potential sales because you’ve pigeon-holed people by neat terms, rather than who they are and what they do.

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Marketing activities evaluation and marketing mix optimisation. ‘What-if’ scenario planning, performance-tracking.


No more guesswork and testing, CollidaTrakTM gives you the power to plan your marketing, to make your communication more productive.


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